Staff outside our fabulous new wholefoods store at 22 Rochdale Road, Todmorden, West Yorkshire, UK
Graham and Clare at the front, ready to welcome shoppers!

We sell a wide range of mostly organic wholefoods, mainly from large jars and bins so you can help yourself.  You can either bring your own containers from home to refill, or use our paper or compostable cellophane bags.  We also have many items bagged-up ready to go if you are in a hurry.

We have a selection of household detergents, soaps and shampoos, etc., that you can refill into your old bottles, or buy a new bottle from us that you can use and reuse.  We also have herbs and spices in jars, so you can weigh out what you want.

We are a vegan shop, so our fridges are full of delicious vegan food and drinks.  We also sell flour, cereals, tea, coffee, etc., and we are always looking-out for new plastic free stock items.

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Staff photo taken on the hottest day of the year – over 38 degrees!  Luckily it's lovely and cool now in the shop with the air-conditioning and the awning over the window...
Photo of Tod Almighty Wholefoods staff taken on the hottest day of the year - 19 July 2022 - outside the shop

Our  Aims

  • To reduce plastic use and pollution. We aim to use compostable packaging as much as possible, and we seek out suppliers that do the same
  • To enable people to eat a healthy and enjoyable vegan diet, which is better for them, better for animal welfare and better for the planet.  Not vegan?  That's fine, you can still enjoy lots of plant-based foods
  • To encourage environmental sustainability.  Organic food works in harmony with nature and has far fewer environmental implications.  Our household products are eco-friendly, and often more human-friendly
  • To support other local businesses and food suppliers
  • To use Fair Trade suppliers wherever possible
  • To do all this while being really good value – most of our refills are a lot cheaper than buying pre-packaged products

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