Why we all need to eat less meat

To stop climate change we need to act quickly, we have very little time left, it may already be too late. It’s distressing to read or think about this, but please keep going, there’s a nugget of hope coming up. We need to stop burning coal which puts large amounts of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere, a gas that causes the atmosphere to heat up and which stays up there for a thousand years or so. However, coal doesn’t only pollute the air with carbon dioxide, it also emits many other noxious gases, one of which is sulphur dioxide, which actually has a slightly cooling effect on the atmosphere. Sulphur dioxide, however, only stays in the atmosphere for 20 years. So, if we stopped burning coal today, in 20 years time the sulphur dioxide will stop doing its cooling job but the carbon will still be there warming things up, making it impossible to prevent runaway catastrophic climate change which will probably end the world as we want to know it.

So, what do we do? There is a way out. If we all adopted a diet where we ate a lot less meat and dairy the resulting reduction in methane being emitted would balance out the reduction in sulphur in the atmosphere, meaning that we might just manage to avoid the “catastrophic” bit I mentioned earlier. It would also free up land to use to grow plants for us to eat – eating a plant based diet is SO much better for the environment and uses SO much less land than meat and dairy that there would be enough land to be completely self sufficient in food grown in this country, AND to leave plenty of land left over for rewilding – to prevent the mass extinctions otherwise certain to happen in the natural world and to enhance our own quality of life and wellbeing.

So, I’ve decided to offer a 10% reduction to all card carrying members of The Vegan Society on production of their membership card, on all spends of £20 or more. This isn’t because I hate non vegans, in fact they are my favourite customers as I am all about encouraging people to move away from meat and dairy. But I now accept that our backs are up against the wall, there is no more time to waste waiting for politicians to do something. We all need to eat less meat – if you're starting to do that then Tod Almighty can help you to find plenty of delicious plant-based food. And if you are able to commit to a completely plant-based diet then I’m very happy to be able to give you a small thankyou. On behalf of my children and grandchildren.


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